Saturday, April 10, 2010

Me & Heidi Swapp

Everyday, I visit all of my favorite blogs, and yesterday on heidi swapp's blog she mentioned that she will be teaching a class at Scrapbook Island in San Jose, California on April 8. The moment I read that I was like "oh my gosh! this is my opportunity to see and meet her, and create with her (of course along with other scrapbookers!)" so I called the store the moment they open and hoped that they still have an open spot. And they did! I was very happy. I was very excited.

Today, when I saw Heidi in the classroom, I was awestruck because she is one of the people I admire in the scrapbooking world. I've also admired her work, ideas, and products. The class was fun! fun! fun!. I enjoyed it very much. I just wished I was able attend her class the whole day (well maybe next time!). Attending the class was relaxing for me! I love scrapbooking! I hope Heidi that you come and visit us soon.

Material used: Designer Digitals: KPertiet Photocluster no 7; AVictoria Everyday Amazing Brush

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